Continuous Learning

I’m in the zone at the moment, so to speak. I just can’t get enough information into my limited capacity brain. I love watching videos whether technical or the more high level discussion you find from the likes of Greg Young (who’s now blogging again like the world’s about to end!) or Udi Dahan so I thought I’d put up links to some of my favourite videos that I think are worth sharing. If you’re interested in CQRS or SOA in general you’ll find plenty of food for thought in these two videos from Udi:

From last years DDD Exchange at Skillsmatter:
Udi Dahan on Domain Models and Composite Applications

Also at Skillsmatter:
In The Brain of Udi Dahan: Q&A with Udi Dahan

or these from Greg Young:
In The Brain of Greg Young: Simple is better

DDD eXchange 2011: Greg Young on Assert.That(We.Understand)

Okay, lets be honest just about every video podcast on the Skillsmatter website is awesome information for the grand total of FREE. What are you waiting for? Go learn something.

Still here? looking for something specific? How about:

NServiceBus/messaging videos:

In The Brain of Andreas Ohlund: New and shiny things in NServiceBus 3.0

In The Brain of Andreas Ohlund: Putting your events on a diet


In The Brain of Itamar Syn-Hershko: RavenDB indexes explained

If none of those float your boat, there’s always the videos from the Norwegian Developer Conference but be warned when the next conference rolls around (June 2012) these will (hopefully) be replaced with the latest content. I really enjoyed Rob Ashton‘s RavenDB and Udi’s NServiceBus talks from last years conference so well worth checking out.

There’s a lot of great information buried in these videos and it takes time and effort to watch and (more importantly) learn from them. Apart from attending the actual event, which isn’t always practical for everybody, these are the next best thing.

Continuous Learning