This page showcases some of my on-the-side projects.


Like a lot of developers, from time to time I put little snippets of code over on Github. You can find mine here


MiniBus is an open-source library inspired by NServiceBus for application integration scenarios via MSMQ. You can find the full story here whilst the code and documentation can be found on Github here

Advanced Wizard

Picture of AdvancedWizard in the VS2010 IDE

Back in 2002/2003 Microsoft had a web site called gotdotnet where the .Net community could upload code for others to download and make use of. One of the first things I did as a C# developer was to create a wizard control for WinForms applications as it was something I’d needed in my days as a Delphi developer and I’d noticed, was sorely lacking in .Net. With nothing else available, I wrote my own and put it on the gotdotnet website. It didn’t do too bad. It had over 5000 downloads and I received emails from happy devs all over the world which always brought a smile to my face, including one from one of the lead developers on the Microsoft Biztalk team suggesting improvements and encouraging me to develop it further.

From time to time when delving back into the WinForms world, I still have use for a wizard control and I’ve occasionally improved it (though it’s not perfect by any stretch) and made sure it still works in the newer versions of the .Net framework. Now I’m making it available on github for anyone still in need of a decent wizard control for their WinForms apps that is fully integrated into the design-time environment. However, don’t hold it against me! The code is what it is, and well, let’s just say, it’s not indicative of the kind of code I write today but hey, feel free to make it better! :)

It’s also available directly in Visual Studio through Nuget. Just right-click on your project references and select “Manage Nuget Packages” to search for it. Once downloaded to your project, you need to add it to the designer toolbox. Right-click on the toolbox window and select “Choose Items…”, then browse to the package folder containing the control.

Hope you find it useful.