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iOS Development Using MonoTouch Cookbook
Dimitris Tavlikos

Monotouch Cookbook cover

A great resource for C# devs looking to do iPhone development

If you need to get up to speed with Monotouch, the framework to help you build iOS apps in C#, then this book will help you be productive in a very short space of time. I really like the recipe/cookbook format as it means I can dip in and out easily, just concentrating on what it is I’m trying to achieve at that point in time without having to wade through lots of extra text to find the good stuff.

It’s easy to read and, quite importantly, uses XCode 4 which makes a big difference as there were some major changes over earlier versions which make other Monotouch books look a bit dated and sometimes harder to follow by comparison, though they all have something to offer. This book touches on a wide range of topics and even covers some of the newer iOS 5 features such as Twitter integration.

In short, if you like to develop in C#, and want to write iPhone apps then this book is a worthy investment. Highly recommended.