Welcome to my online world.

I’m a software developer living in Preston, England, and I’ve been coding professionally since 1998. I develop primarily in .Net and C# but tinker from time to time in other languages for fun and education. I’ve been immersed in .Net since it arrived on the scene and love to talk all things techie, especially when it’s related to architecture and patterns. Technologies and tools are interesting of course but they change quickly and so do the skills whereas the key concepts of architecture remain valid for a much longer period of time and are applicable across many platforms, therefore it’s the bigger picture of software development that really excites me. I constantly read about and attempt to apply modern principles and practices where possible to keep on improving my skills. I use this blog as an outlet for me to document the things I’m currently working on, thinking about, or even frustrated with. 

In my spare time, I like to..er.. code! Oh, and play (if you can call it that) my guitars along to AC/DC backing tracks at full volume.

Hope you find something useful here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Steve Bate