DDDNorth 2 Roundup

Had a great time yesterday in Bradford at the developer conference, DDDNorth. The place was buzzing with like-minded developers and the quality of talks I attended was excellent. Despite my initial reservations about Windows 8, Mike Taulty’s talk and demo made me see it in a different light and I now have a much higher opinion of Redmonds latest OS. I’m especially looking forward to seeing it in person on a tablet device. It really could be a game changer for Microsoft.

Liam Westley’s talk – Async C# 5.0 – was actually a good follow up to Mike’s as async calls are just about everywhere in Win RT applications so getting an overview of the different ways asynchronous calls can be made was very useful.

Next up was Gary Short’s deep dive into Raspberry Pi, the cheap ARM based computer which again was timely as just recently I’ve been dreaming up a few potential projects for the device, one of which is to make use of an old Amiga 1200 by buying one of these which turns the Amiga into a USB keyboard and then hooking it up (inside the Amiga) to the Pi. I’d have myself a nice usable linux retro machine (I always did like the Amiga).

WebSockets and SignalR by Chris Alcock was next. It’s an impressive library that appears to make something that should be complex almost trivial, at least on the surface. I need to dig into this and try it out for myself but it’ll have to get in line with the 100 other things I have on my to do list.

Last but definitely not least was Ian Cooper’s talk – Event Driven Architectures. This subject is very close to my heart with my love of messaging, my experience of NServiceBus and my current project at work, a CQRS system for our procurement department backed by RavenDB. It was the one I was looking forward to most and the depth of Ian’s knowledge shone through. For me it was a chance to re-enforce the concepts I’d already learned and ensure I understood them properly. I came away feeling confident that I’m on the right path and think more developers could benefit from studying messaging patterns and concepts too.

Overall, the day was educational and fun, I even won a prize in the raffle! I’d have like to have seen a talk on NServiceBus or NoSQL but you can’t have everything. Who knows, maybe next year? Finally, I’d like to thank those responsible for putting the event on and the companies who sponsored and helped make it happen. Much appreciated. :)

DDDNorth 2 Roundup