The Joel Test Revisited

How does your company score?

The Joel Test is getting on for twelve years old yet still very relevant (although I’d probably add a new question or two regarding TDD practices). You’d think that companies everywhere would score pretty highly these days in this world of modern development practices as it doesn’t exactly recommend anything out of the ordinary. Thinking about the companies I’ve worked at, including my current place, none have reached double figures. Why is that? Is it more likely that a software house will score higher compared to a “normal” business that happens to have an I.T. department? If I’m pushing it I’d say my current place achieves a score of 3 out of 12 which means we’ve some way to go.

How about you? How does your workplace score? And what do you think? Does it matter? Is the test still relevant or more relevant than ever?

The Joel Test Revisited

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