NDC 2011 Videos

Having completely forgotten about it since last year, I’ve just noticed that the videos of this year’s sessions from the Norwegian Developer Conference are available as a torrent (all 27GB!). An excellent resource and well worth grabbing.

NDC 2011 Videos

2 thoughts on “NDC 2011 Videos

  1. Are there any in particular you recommend steve? ive seen them all up there but havent got around to watching any yet. Have got a good book i can recommend though

    “The Goal”

    1. I’ve only watched a few so far including JQuery 101 and JQuery 102 but I enjoyed the Udi Dahan videos on SOA and NServiceBus as I’m most interested in those areas. There’s a couple of CQRS videos as well but I haven’t got around to watching them yet.

      Just had a quick look on Amazon at “The Goal”. Seems like a unique and interesting written style to stand out from all other books with a similar message. I’ll put it on my list of things to do. Cheers.

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