A Massive ORM

Browsing github the other day I came across Rob Connery’s latest project called Massive, which irony intended, is a tiny data access library (around 364 lines), a simple ORM if you will, that makes extensive use of .Net 4.0’s dynamic capabilities. What’s really cool is that unlike other ORMs there’s no mapping involved, which I guess makes it an OR and not an ORM. :)

Basically, it generates a class (ExpandoObject) on the fly based on the data returned by your query. But querying is not all it can do. Paging, inserts, updates, and of course deletions. Considering how small the source is and the time and effort it could potentially save, I could see myself making heavy use of this especially in returning viewmodel data. As it currently stands I don’t think you can bind the dynamic object directly to a UI so you’d still need to write the viewmodel classes but maybe a future release will find a way.

I definitely like what I see so far. I love tools that emphasize simplicity and I think this I one of them. Worth checking out and keeping an eye on as it evolves.

A Massive ORM

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